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Special Purpose Machines


Ever since we first opened our doors in 1976, we've been producing special purpose machines for a wide range of different purposes.


From improving production line efficiency through to testing products and instrumentation for the automation, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging industries, the requirements between organisations may differ, but the overall expectations and end results always remain the same.


No matter what your problem or requirement is and irrelevant of how specialist you may believe it might be, combining our extensive knowledge and experience of machinery manufacturing with yours as a company who knows just what's needed overall, we're certain we'll be able to produce the right special purpose machine for you.

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines have been being manufactured at EBS Automation since 1993. A ‘Special Purpose Machine’ is as described, a machine specifcally manufactured for a client bespoke and to purpose. A great number of these machines are unique in their concept and manufacture but the experience of making each of these allows us a greater understanding of what we can do for each new client that comes to us. In fact for some clients we need to replicate our efforts making multiple pieces of special purpose machinery to aid theirefforts as they increase levels of production.

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